Grapes have been growing on the Corban family tree for hundreds of years.

For a century in New Zealand, and three centuries in Lebanon, our family has made wine. Wherever we have been we have pioneered wines of enjoyment, of quality and style, always while looking to the future. This is what we do – our fingerprint, our heritage, our signature.

The initials AC reference Assid Abraham Corban, our (great) great grandfather and patriarch, who immigrated to New Zealand in 1892. As a family tradition these initials : A and C have continued through the generations, our (great) grandfather Annis and (grand)father Alex among them.

Simple, distinctive, symbolic, AC represents both the continuation, and the change, that makes us who we are.

AC Wine is about Heritage, Experience and Vision.

We represent a pioneering New Zealand winemaking family who continue our passion five generations on.

About us

Rosétte Rosé Spritz

Rosette Rosé Spritz is a natural, fruity, 5% alcohol Rosé Spritzer, made in a new style for a new generation. 



We turn wine into water. It’s a drink-made well.

It’s a unique way to show our family’s continued respect for and contribution to community.